Eva Hoppe - Comic and Illustration

Some words about me:

I was born in 1976 in Konstanz at Bodensee, where I spent the first 5 years of my life.I spend my childhood in the south of Germany, in the beautiful area of Allgäu and later (from 1988 on) I spent my youth in Munich and finished school there.

From 1998 I studied communication design at college in Trier (majored in illustration and packaging design). After completing my studies I became an independent graphic designer and freelance illustrator in Trier in 2004. At the end of 2004 I left Rheinland-Pfalz and moved to the north, to Hamburg. There I gathered precious qualification as animation and comic artist from the animation-school-hamburg during a 14 months intensive course. I learned a lot about animation design, comic, drawing, and decided after this course to concentrate my further profession just on the topics comic and illustration.

So I continued my way as freelance comic artist and graphic designer in Hamburg from 2005 until the year 2012.

In October 2012 I moved to Berlin, and at the same time spent a lot of precious time in Morocco, which I do up till now. I continued my artist work from there, with a lot of inspiration and new influences in my professional and artist work.

In 2015 I moved to Munich, where our small son was born.

I live with husband and son parttime in Munich and parttime in Marrakech, both cities inspire me a lot, each in its own way!

Technique: digital illustration (Photoshop/Vektor), Pencil/Coloured pencil, watercolour, Markerpens, Col-EraseSpecials: Character design, comic art, cartoons, logotype, concepts

The humour of these great masters inspired me and still inspire me a alot:

Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Loriot, Monty Python, Tim Burton, George Carlin, Jochen Malmsheimer




Interested in my work? Just send me an email or call me directly:

Eva Hoppe
Comics & Illustrations

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D-80809 Munich

Mobile: +49177 - 62 02 810
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