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Comic artist wanted?

In need of comic art, cartoons or illustrations? You've come to the right place! I am a professional comic artist and illustrator with a large network comprising creative talents in a variety of areas.

I offer in the field of Comic, Cartoon and Illustration my wideranging graphic skills and lot of experience, a wealth of ideas, a passion for picture, story and concept and absolute reliability. Comics, drawing, tecnique – it's all there. A fountain of ideas! For me it's about the statement that a drawing or a film makes; it's about the character of the product. It´s my great aim to give my creations a soul.

My creative work has its own individual value and I charge appropriately for it. In the majority of cases, it is not possible for me provide a price list for my work. I, therefore, calculate the costs for proposals on an individual basis.

Just send me an email, and I will call you directly!

Selbst 278x300

Interested in my work? Just send me an email or call me directly:

Eva Hoppe
Comics & Illustrations

Hanselmannstraße 28A

D-80809 Munich

Mobile: +49177 - 62 02 810
Mail: kontakt@evahoppe.de